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Customer Stories

NRMA Insurance customers opened their doors and invited us into their homes, to share their personal stories about home and what it really means to them. Whether it’s the people, location or things that make a house a home, no two are the same.

A home is where we can dance, relax, love, laugh and be ourselves.
Take a look inside…


Home to Greg & Joe,
St Peters

A moving tribute to the sanctuary of home and ballroom dancing.


Home to Warren’s Family,
Quakers Hill

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of peace that cloaks a family home.


Home to Jane,
Bilgola Plateau

This home is filled with a woman’s love and the laughter of her children.


Home to Robert,

It’s hard to grow old when your home has roots in a forest made of youth.


Home to Johanna’s Family,
Lower Mangrove

To some, a home is the freedom to be yourself. In the here and now.